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The attitude that you have is the clothes that your soul is wearing

Posted by Nathan Pritchard on

So today I have been looking back at recent stresses and actions I have taken in the past and I decided to write an article so here goes.

What clothes are you wearing?

Maybe you are dressed in a suit, dress or fine clothes maybe you have rich colors on, are they warm and inviting clothes on the eye, or are you dressed as a chav, ripped and dirty clothes maybe still in that work uniform even though you been home hours?

Well, the time has come to do something about this let us get you moving onto a higher state of living.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying and implying that you are better and above another human being or that you should view others as lesser than you. What I am trying to tell you is we must help you to elevate yourself to rise up to a place where you are not wandering around in a rut, covered with dirt real or hypothetically covered with flies and swearing and in bad mood all the time.

What you need to do is work you should have integrity and be virtuous. Work on becoming a better person more whole you should realize, you are responsible for what you think, feel, and say. You control this no one else.

As we maneuver and interact through life and this earth, it is easy to give into our lesser expressions and bad vibrations. Are you still with me do you know what I am explaining. Here is an example we have all done it shouting at others while in the car, you know yes yelling at the vehicles behind or in front of us or showing that special finger reserved just for moments like these what we are really doing is displaying our/ your I.Q at that moment in time, not very high. Quite often we like to Express our unhappiness with the idiot of the local store you know the shop assistant you're dealing with. All too often we are complaining about how long your wait in the queue has been. To be fair things like this have no real relevance they are unimportant in the grand scheme of things. It is you that makes them important, you lower your internal vibration, in turn, lowering yourself and those around you.

Living in first-world countries have become a downfall to a lot of us we have become a spoilt lot. With our technologically directed lives, using electrified products and tech, living as we like to call modernized lives, we forget the simple things in life and the most important.  Now I am not on about all of us as I see some of you shaking your heads stating it is not you but really think about it Lots of people forget our manners, now I was brought up with manners and by people not using them it lowers my vibrations, I feel angry I find it rude and this is an example and an important lesson. We forget that we are not alone, its an effect of someone else bad energy that has affected my/your energy. We must remember that our energy affects those who are around us.

We tend to get caught up in the unimportant and petty things on a daily basis. It is easier to get into what I call the complainer's attitude. What we should do is to train ourselves to exhibit a higher, happier and more thankful attitude, don’t you think? It is more helpful and healthier on the body, the mind, and the soul and it can be highly contagious think about it. You know I’m right.

When we walk around in our little bubble surrounded by invisible clouds of negativity - we exude this energy and pass this onto other people. Haven't you ever had a bad day? Of course, you have, we all do this is when we need to be most aware.

When you feel that dreaded bad day coming on, its time to think, now stop, breathe, look, listen. Try to wait for a few seconds 10 - 30 seconds. Think about the consequences what the alternative to living could be, you may in a hole taking a nap if you know what I mean. Then think are things really that so bad that you have to release your negative energy on people around you.

Just some take time and look at the world around you. It doesn't matter where you are, but take the time to look long enough, you will find the beauty in the day and all around you.

In such a wondrous planet there is always beauty its is waiting for you to find it sometimes in the most random of places it. It is one of the many gifts of being alive.

Now don’t get me wrong this does sound simpler than many of you think. All that you need is some practice and it can be as easy as putting on a different outfit. It really is easy as changing the colour of your hair.

It as easy as changing the clothes you wear. You decide what outfit you are going to wear.

Now when you begin to realize that your attitude is the clothes of your soul wears.

So when you down and in bad mood try changing your outfit put on some make up have a shave get your hair done and just see if your day doesn't go a little better.

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