So What To Wear When Speaking At Events.

I often hear this question when I'm working with speakers and it's an

important question as you want to make an impression with your fashion and style.

Those old cliches about "first impressions count" and "dress to impress"
they're true. We do make split-second decisions about people and who they are and whether or not they are worthy of our time based on how they dress.

Whether or not that's correct or incorrect it's the truth, it's what we do because we’re determining whether or not someone is a part of our tribe, and whether or not wen can be comfortable with that person.

So there's a rule of thumb that comes to dress and that's essentially from my point of view.

Dress one notch above the people you're speaking to so if you're speaking to a group of bankers, or high-level financial professionals, or high-level professionals of any industry that dress in suits you want to show up in a really nice suit, because that is going to set the stage for them to be, to listen to you.

If on the other hand you're working with a group of folks that hangs out in shorts and t-shirts and flip-flops, you know maybe a pair of jeans is the appropriate thing to do.

A nice pair of jeans, in other words dress to meet their expectations of your group to show that you're part of them, but also in order to position yourself as the person who is leading them in a conversation, or speaking, or whatever you're there to do.

So again, "What do I wear", pay attention to your audience, pay attention to their culture, and dress appropriately to make the best first impression, and to impress dress to impress.

Thanks so much, and remember all the world's a stage and all the men and
women merely players so make sure that your play is authentically yours.

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